by Eva Knutz (story-concept) & Gabriëlle Marks (graphic design)*
So how does it work then?

On the web:
At first the user enters the "intro-space" in which he is introduced to the characters, the locations and the starting-point of the story. The next step brings him to an "inbetween space" between the kitchen and the living-room. From there on he can choose to follow one of three narratives taking place. Since the characters are moving in and out of the different rooms, the user has to choose either time or location in order to move forward. This means that the user can't be in the same space at the same time. By doing this we suggest a film that does n't move as a linear narrative but as a 'braided' narrative, meaning that the user is confronted with several connecting stories moving simultaneously.

On the radio:
By measuring the feedback of the most popular rooms (chosen by the web audience) the Radio will broacast the most popular "room" as a weekly radio-soap.

User input/audience feedback
Sherwood Drive should be seen as a digital serial-soap which is updated every week by its own audience. People can volunteer as an actor to play one of the 8 characters, or they can contribute to the development of the plot direction. Their recorded voices can either be sent via the web (like soundfiles), or the audience can come to a temporary 'voice-lab' to deliver their voice. Every week a new "layer" of 3 simultaneous narratives will be added to the soap.

And why would you take the time to follow it?
1)The combination of a highly humorous and clichématic soap storyline.
2) Wildly and enthusiastically overacted dialogues played by its own audience.
3) An abstract and playful interface.
4) Exciting both as radio-play and as an on-line interactive soap.

Target audience
Gameplayers, soap-lovers, and in general a creative and artistically oriented audience for example designers, writers, actors, artists or children. Radio-listeners as well as a web-audience.

Broadcasting options: ----> Radio
Would be used for:
1) broadcasting the most populair episodes (choosen by the web-audience)
2) advertising
3) Recruting new actors for Sherwood Drive

Broadcasting options
----> Web-Tv
Would be used for:
1) Setting up Sherwood Drive on-line
2) Recruting and recording new actors for Sherwood Drive