misha onsite:

Following the instruction I take E along with me. We rent a car and look for the lighthouse by following the lakeshore. Eventually it appears. Using a print out from the website as a reference, I decide to put the message on the pier.

This proves to be impossible. The perspective and scale of the area that I'm supposed to be covering is completely different than it appears when safely framed by the camera. The whole pier is covered with a thick layer of excretement from the multitude of birds that sit there each morning. It's the middle of winter and thick pieces of ice are floating in the water. It's amazing. The message is finally taped to the lighthouse door. We have to climb up a five foot base of the lighthouse which is covered by a thick layer of ice. If you fall off, you are in the freezing cold water. E is confident that the letters will not appear on the camera, however they turn out to be quite legible.

For months after I monitor the webcam. The letters stay up for quite a long time and I become fascinated with the parade of uncontrolled actors in and around the lighthouse. The seemingly endless tableaux of social interactions only emphasizes the appropriateness of the message: IOW -In Other Words.
One sunny day, about three months after we visited the lighthouse I'm watching the webcam. When I look at it again one hour later the message has been removed.


ij online:

The camera at Lake Ontario, Canada, usually refreshes every few minutes. Probably due to higher online traffic during the performance I can only receive and capture one single image of misha and her friend in action. Time and again I try to reload the webcam image -nothing. Finally, two hours later a new image comes in showing the message IOW [In Other Words] taped onto the lighthouse and left behind.

My initial disappointment soon turns into fascination as we keep watching the lakecam for months and witness an unusual flux of visitors to the lighthouse, heavy weather and snow and finally the slow decay of the message. Then one day it is gone.




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