misha onsite:

Toronto Island

This camera is set up so the island residents can monitor the arrival and departure of the ferry. However, the camera is down quite a lot. Much of the blame is placed on either the squirrels or the heavy gusts of wind coming off the lake. The location looks quite isolated. In reality, the performance takes place by a well trodden path and attracts the attention and commentary by many well-wishers. Our arrival to the island is reported in the island's online newsletter. The performance actually takes place twice, the first time I am accompanied by the infamous E and get completely muddled in my thinking, choosing to mark certain objects (boats, telephone poles, etc) with the message while completely ignoring the wonderful white blanket of snow that surrounds me. After going into a bit of depression about my lack of instinct, I decide to give it another go.

The second action takes place a few weeks after, celebrating the return of the snow. This time I am alone, and decide to start my message along a path that is already there. I walk until the message appears. AX -Across. It is the middle of the week, with less foot traffic. The island is extremely quiet. When the message is finished I do a final walk to the shore. A swan appears.


ij online:

fish eye lens landscape. I love the distorted image and the odd telefone pole in the center of it.

Intensively we study the weather forecast -finally snow! On the morning of the event though, the white surface soon gets dotted -by heavy raindrops I assume from my position behind the computer screen. Luckily the snow stays until misha has finished her message, then it quickly melts away, erasing the letters.



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