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Morro Bay Rock

The camera pans over the whole bay: sandspit, town, harbor, rock, beach and back. When arriving on location me and my chauffeur find that it is mounted on top of a skyrocketing smokestack - part of a fuel burning power plant next to a precious nature reserve...

misha on the mobile phone: The wideangle is enormous! We appear as little ants in the frame, trying to hold on to our message that gets whipped around by wicked winds: MOB POP [Mobile Point of View].

Indeed, being there changes our point of view -it is a whole different kind of reality to watching the online image: the force of the wind and the scale of the rock!

misha online:

I keep on thinking, "they are not going to be able to hold it up that long". The camera has to do an entire cycle around the whole bay. To coordinate this action, we have to keep talking to each other on the mobile phone.

I feel a little disoriented sitting on my office chair, watching this little ant frantically try to hold up her barely decipherable message, while I also exchange words over the phone with my collaborator who is breathless with exertion. It seems like an impossible task.

But ij is determined, if not a little traumatized. Miraculously the message comes through. After congratulations and happy words, I sign off and resume watching Jenny Jones.

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