misha onsite:

There is a belt of cameras and sensors along the lakeshore that monitor and produce realtime maps of traffic flow. Several occasions prior to the final action I walk along this stretch to understand the area. Underneath the freeway I observe signs that people live, or sometimes sleep there. Originally we intend to spread the action over two cameras.

However, one of the cameras suddenly changes positions and begins to point in the direction of the corner where a homeless man begs for money. He becomes agitated and violent once he realizes that the camera can see him.

The silence of the webcam single frame that ij views is contrasted to the amplified and overwhelming sounds of traffic along the underpass during rush hour. I stand on the meridian and feel extremely vulnerable and nervous. I take deep breaths and stare at the camera. I stand there for about 20 minutes and then slowly move away.

ij online:

This last action tests our patience and dedication quite a bit. The very day that we have planned to do the epilogue using two of the Toronto traffic cams, the whole system is being rearranged and for months the cameras are either down or change position continuosly.

Finally the restoration work is finished. We had begon monitoring and testing the camera in winter, with a white layer of snow showing. Now it's May and the glare behind the concrete columns is sunlight.

At last, the last statement can be done. O/O -Over and Out.


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