HOLOMAN; Digital Cadaver


voice: Welcome to the Anatomical Theatre!

Remember when human dissections were outlawed by the Church? (...)

A man from the gallows and still in his boots would be the universal human meat (...)

Now the rigid stiff in the CAT scanner turns

rigour mortis networks burns

the new digital cadaver is frozen and sliced...(...)

ecxerpts from script by mike tyler

pictures by isabelle jenniches

actor frank sheppard as Holoman

(...) Holoman: Digified stiff on the fly

I ask you, why was I picked for the Hard disk?

To be crunched like some silicon snack chip

a convenient cadaver for the queasy

click on the mouse (you can cut me that easy) (...)


voice: O.K. yeah, yer what's known as public domain.

Holoman: Public domain?

voice: Means anyone can use you free of charge.

We'll hyperlink the Hell outta ya! (...)




I'd been scanned! I'm HOLOMAN! I'm Hollow-man!

My volume been rendered, I'm off centered

My flesh been erased, but I'm standing

got my face in a data base and as another day breaks

somewhere, somebody's getting into my megabytes! (...)


(...) (with drum roll):The ghost whose yer host,

MC Ghost Master of this here ceremony

Naked love coming at you from a dead heart (...)

(...) Where you going

when you die?

I mean

where you gonna be? (...)



(...) Let me sleep! (...)


When a hologram is broken each piece becomes a smaller version of the original, each fragment contains the whole (...)

(...) Only the Dead know this but,

shadows also cast shadows!

That's me, I'm a shadows shadow

thrown on the wall of some kinda 25 dimensional cave,

I suck light like lesser monsters suck blood! (...)






I'm a candle, it's white, wax filled with light

stiff, waxy and white... look at me!


ij 2001