London, April 22, 1973 3:07 pm --------------------------



M4/Westway Interchange: On his way home from work 35 year old architect Robert Maitland looses control of his car and crashes into a triangle of wasteground between three converging motorway routes. Screened off by steep embankments, out of sight of the security cameras, no one notices the accident, rescue never comes. It seems impossible for him to leave the island...

Litó Walkey

Dan Bodner

Frank van de Ven

performance based on texts and motives from the novel by J.G. Ballard

concept, scenography, realisation Isabelle Jenniches & Stefan Kunzmann
movement Litó Walkey, Frank van de Ven
voice Dan Bodner
sound design Radboud Mens

Theater de Balie, Amsterdam 2002




J.G. Ballard

Radboud Mens

Stefan Kunzman

Isabelle Jenniches




ij 2002