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IN CAMERA makes use of two high resolution webcams embedded in a custom built multi-user environment. IN CAMERA invites online users to experience the multifaceted nature of perception and to experiment with collective storytelling.
Viewers can choose to either actively control the cameras’ point of view and zoom level or to passively observe other users’ choices. Via a text interface, the online audience can get in contact with subjects on camera, ask questions or comment on what they see. Live images and text are being saved and stored in an online database, where they in turn can be commented upon.

IN CAMERA was launched in April 2005 during my residency at the Lucas Artists Programs at Montalvo. The pilot project portraits was presented at Version>05 in Chicago. A new edition of IN CAMERA titled an anecdoted topography of change will be shown during the Rotterdam Film Festivall 2006 as part of the exhibtion Exploding TV at Witte de With.

IN CAMERA is a telepresence project by Isabelle Jenniches
interface design and programming by Marc Boon
made possible with generous support from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture as well as the Lucas Artists Programs at Montalvo.

portraits after Douglas Coupland's Life After God
presented at Versionfest>05 in Cicago

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Excerpts of Coupland's text are superimposed upon the webcam images that show the characters in everyday surroundings such as kitchen, forest or work place. Caught in a loop of activity, struck by a frenzy or interrupted in a daydream, they incorporate Coupland's quest for meaning and soul searching in Life After God.

IN CAMERA - Lat. 'in chambers.' Refers to a hearing or inspection of documents that takes place in private.
Depending on the circumstances, these can be either on or off the record, though they're usually recorded.
synonyms: clandestinely, privately, secretly, intimately, personally, privately, undercover, covertly.