sensing presence no.1

Performing a hyperlink system

Stefan Kunzmann, Isabelle Jenniches, Renée Copraij
Presentation in the Theatrum Anatomicum, Maatschappij voor Oude en Nieuwe Media De Waag, Amsterdam 2001



"In a network without a center, you are always the center."

Two days before the presentation we invite the pubilc [a small group of twenty] to take part in an online game: several nodes can be connected to form structures. The nodes correspond with joints and other points of tension on the dancer's body. In the presentation she is repeating the sequences created online in a hypnotising and meditative succession of minimal movements. The public surrounds the dancer in a narrow circle.

collection of structures


"When we cruise the Internet, whatever server we're checking out isn't just 'on' the Net
-it is the Net, drawing the whole dizzying tapestry into being."
quotes from Surfing The Indranet by Erik Davis