Ma: What's that suitcase doing down here? I haven't seen that one before.Let's check it out (sound of breaking something open, scary music).... My God what is this!! (scrambling) Oh..No...! How could he! That ...that bastard!
Di: Marian! Are you down here?(loud).... (no answer)... (footsteps), Marian, whats wrong? What are you doing?!
Ma: Look what I found Diane! Some dirty pictures of Robert and Mrs. Hood. I can't believe this! What he's doing with his own mum!!
Di: Look... I dont know... How can you be sure it's Robert? ...I mean...you only see his..
Ma: Of course it's Robert! Who else should it be? And all the cash.. How do you explain all the cash?

SHERWOOD DRIVE is an interactive, dramatic soap under development by Eva Knutz (story-concept) & Gabriëlle Marks (graphic design)

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Shockwave excerpts from plot B