ij onsite:

Small sleepy beachtown: Cayucos, California.

A streaming webcam on the rooftop of the Surfshop "Good Clean Fun" swivels back and forth between the pier and Morro Rock in the distance.

A quiet Monday morning. Surprising gusts of wind that make it a bit difficult to inflate and hold on to the balloon. Nobody around during the first half hour or so -the surf isn't good. Then, out of nowhere, a friendly guy in a green jacket appears. He cleans out the wastebaskets on the beach and is willing to help me hold the huge balloon while I paint my message on it. Happily I wave it in front of the camera until it bursts!

misha online:

I sit in front of my computer in Toronto and go to the beach looking for ij. On camera she is a lone figure wearing a blue jacket with a hood. She sits on the rail, pulls out a balloon and starts to inflate it. I can see her fighting against the wind though it seems quite contained as I passively view the scene from the comfort of my studio. A man appears. I watch him help her steady the balloon. She dances around with the message, letting the wind direct her movements. A3 - Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place.




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