a staged reading by

Isabelle Jenniches & Stefan Kunzmann

performer: Frans Poelstra
sound artist: Henry Alles

readers: Geert Mak, Carel Alphenaar, Gabriëlle Marks,
Andrée van Es, Sandra Rottenberg, Theodor Holman

de Balie, Amsterdam 2000


SOUVENIR describes past and present Amsterdam as shaped by it's inhabitants and travelers; their movements and stories constitute the city's ever changing identity. SOUVENIR follows some tales and journeys using text excerpts, film archive and contemporary video material, graphics on slides and sound.


SOUVENIR was performed as opening act for the congress weekend Amsterdam Wereldstad-Sale Amsterdam -in the symposium's decor and with the available technology.

The audience is seated on small tables grouped around a panel-discussion set-up in the center of the space, above which hangs a projection screen. The 7 readers are seated dispersed throughout the theater.


During the approximately 16 minutes of the performance all these elements -like instruments in a musical composition -follow a detailed score (excerpt).

Sound artist Henry Alles generates a low-level ambient soundscape by transforming the sound of the voices.

The text Amsterdamby Cees Nooteboom, read by
Carel Alphenar >> serves as timekeeper for the whole piece, providing the cue points. Towards the end, writer Geert Mak begins his lecture, while the chorus of voices fades out.


slides >>

video >>


Meanwhile, performer Frans Poelstra travels from theater top to floor, leaving a trace of souvenirs - small, packaged objets-trouvées. Sometimes, he gets captured by a live camera; this image is then superimposed onto the video projection.


© sk & ij, Amsterdam 2000