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some(not so) recent work
------------------------------------------------| is a pilot project that was one of the projects that resulted from the masterclass; Stifo@Sandberg, organized by the STIFO and the Sandberg Instituut. Over a period of 3 months, 6 documentary-filmmakers and 6 digital media designers experimented with methods of intertwining documentary storytelling with digital media. Investigating the pitfalls and/or the validity of such interdisciplinary mergers.
Filmmaker Arno Kranenborg and I developed a proposal for a website/database for traditional song culture from all over the world, using his documentary Mijn hart die Zingt as a startingpoint. More info here in dutch only I'm afraid. songbase.pdf(572k)

Het Vlek Drachten
An artwork in the public domain, commissioned by V/H de Gemeente from Friesland. The work was made in collaboration with Eva Knutz. Installation and website launched Friday November the 29th 2002. The installation will travel to 5 different locations within the small town of Drachten until January the 12th 2003.

De Dagdroom Generator
(The Daydream Generator)
A site-specific project proposal for nursing home De Weerde in Eindhoven. See text here. Commissioned by SKOR - a cooperation between Airplant and De Geuzen.

Traduction Imaginaire de Bande Magéntique
Abstract animation accompanying the work Sonate pour clarinette basse, piano et bande magnétique (1981) by Luctor Ponse, shown on October 16th, 2002 during the performance of Sonate at a concert by Musicensemble WENDINGEN.
Sketch animations for the first track can be viewed here.(Flash5 plug-in required)

Inspired by peepshows, gamblingmachines, sleazy bars and old disco LPs the Inkijk was transformed into a jukebox that could be played by passers-by from the street. The repertoire consisted of 8 lovesongs accompanied by 8 animations that gave an unexpected twist to a seemingly straightforward and uncomplicated lovestory. Each song could be viewed separately. If viewed in a specific order, prompted by the nerve-racking cliffhangers, you would see a hilarious and bizar story unfold.
Juke[box]house was an assignment for SKOR (Foundation for Art and Public Space) created together with Eva Knutz and was shown from the 21st of February till the 28th of April 2002,
KaKaFooN'z, is a series of interactive sound games, toys and puzzles for children aged 7 to 13 . Commissioned by the Ijsbreker, centre for contemporary music. With Eva Knutz and Aldje van Meer. Launched February 28th 2002.

sherwood drive
The demo of Sherwood Drive was developed during the masterclass “The Future of the Small Screen”, at the Rotterdam Filmfestival 2000, together with Eva Knutz

Together with Stefan Kunzmann.
a project commissioned by CELL-Initiator of Incidents, for Protocollision, an online exhibition that took place from november 1st till december 31st ,2000.

overSPOKEN & underHEARD was an attempt to contribute a fragment of sound a day from the streets of NY and Chicago and inbetween, where I traveled from the 5th till the 29th of May, 2000

berlin container
In August 2000, 10 international artists met and worked together in Berlin. During this month they developed a collective travelog: The Container. Influenced by the city the individual artists collected ideas, impressions and/or other material daily. The website functioned as a container for this material and formed a log that was the common thread for a joint workprocess.With Aldje van Meer

some past assignments

an ongoing website following the development of an art project initiated by De Verbeelding and SKOR in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. With Marten Terpstra and Aldje van Meer.Launched 5th september 2001, to continue developing until January 2002.
Website for CASCO, platform for experimental art founded in 1990 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A project in cooperation with Stefan Kunzmann and Marten Terpstra. April 2001.


•> Your Mileage May Vary
For the exhibition Your mileage may vary 6 flyers were made that connect the different locations of the exhibition...

•> typorality 99
Graduation project for the MFA-programme at Media-Gn,center of emergent media, Groningen,The Netherlands. An investigation involving the representation of spoken language, and a fascination for the sounds of which spoken language consist...July 1999
•> de virtuele school
CD-rom produced for Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland for their pilot-project "The Virtual School"....February 1999.

•> it sil heve!
At the invitation of Keunstwurk Renée Kool, artist, Stefan Kunzmann, theatremaker, and myself created a new concept for their annual travelling educational exhibition,intended to introduce schoolchildren to ideas and notions related to the world of art....January 1999
•> typorality 98
Een reeks typografische experimenten in het kader van onderzoek naar het inzetten van digitale media bij verbeelding en vormgeving van taal en het gesproken woord....

•> Formule 2
Catalogue for the exhibition Formule2 held in NewMetropolis, February 1998.