ij onsite:

Cayucos, California.

Streaming webcam on the rooftop of the Surfshop "Good Clean Fun". Swivels back and forth. In the distance: Morro Rock.

Busy Tuesday afternoon! Some of the many passers-by: Joe, who runs the pizza place, busy-bees by several times. Jim, who saw me the other day with the balloon. Sally who works at the bank coming back from her lunch break. A parade of cars: elderly people with dogs in the front seat. Jason, a local artist, stops to show me his gouache paintings he pulls out of the back of his truck. The sheriff -twice, each time a different one. Time and again I explain my message: the symbols ^)^^(^ stand for two faces in profile, two people communicating. The skater kids: "Awesome!"

The chalk drawing fades quickly due to the many cars that drive over it. In the night: a light rain and it's gone.


misha online:

This one is extremely fun to watch. I'm a little jealous watching ij in her little t-shirt drawing chalklines on the pavement, while the dogs and skater kids play beside her. It's grey and wet outside my studio window, and I haven't seen the sun in weeks. I get a little nervous when a police car stops by, but it's all good. This is California after all.




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