This is what we did, and it worked for us, but who knows what will happen to you.
October 29th / November 21st 1999 on various locations in Groningen (Netherlands)

Opening October 29th, 17.00h, Waagplein 2, Groningen

- a theoryperformance by Arjen Mulder
- hyp.per.formance by Radboud Mens
Your mileage may vary cav.
[from the standard disclaimer attached to EPA mileage ratings by American car manufacturers]
1. A ritual warning often found in UNIX freeware distributions. Translates roughly as "Hey, I tried to write this portably, but who *knows* what'll happen on your system?"
2. More generally, a qualifier attached to advice. "I find that sending flowers works well, but your mileage may vary."
Inleiding Your mileage may vary

Eva Knutz
Rijk van Kooij
Renée Kool
Stefan Kunzmann
Gabriëlle Marks
Aldje van Meer
Martina Nußbaum
Marten Terpstra
Ivonne Zijp

Your mileage may vary:

Speech by Arjen Mulder